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Vitality - Sports Body Oil

Vitality is one of our exclusively formulated aromatic body & massage oils from Julia Lawless and is the perfect blues booster, as it contains a number of energising & uplifting essential oils. It is the ideal pre & post sports body oil, as is based on bay, laurel leaf, rosemary tips, cardamom pods & black pepper; all renowned for warming, toning & strengthening the muscles. Vitality delivers a pre-exercise boost for the muscles & joints by stimulating the circulation, or after a workout to avoid any muscle stiffness & aches.

If you are struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, are feeling fatigued or are walking around without much pep in your step these cold dark mornings, adding a quick application of vitality oil after your morning shower will give your body & mind an energising boost for the day ahead, or it is the perfect oil for practicisng some self-massage with after a long hard day!



The name ‘frankincense’ comes from the French ‘franc encens’, translated as ‘quality incense'. Often referred to as the ‘King of essential oils’, frankincense oil is produced from Boswellia trees; of which there are about five species native to Africa, India & the Arabian Peninsula. To produce the oil, professional harvesters make small incisions into the trunks of the knotty tree. The tree then produces a sap that once hardened, becomes frankincense resin. This is steam distilled & becomes the essential oil we use in aromatherapy.

Frankincense is a wonderful, versatile oil with many uses. Rooted in spirituality & healing, it is a popular choice for yoga, meditation & massage. In skincare, frankincense is well suited to all skin types, especially mature skin, thanks to its cell-renewing, soothing & healing properties. Similarly, it can be helpful in treating scars & blemishes or any kind of skin flare ups, such as sunburn or acne. Frankincense is also fantastic for improving feelings of stress, anxiety & depression.


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