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Aromatic bathing:

With the days getting darker & colder, an aromatic hot bath is one of our ultimate rituals at this time of year.

Adding essential oils to warm bath water is one of the best & easiest ways to enjoy the benfits of aromatherapy. As you soak in the water, it softens the skin, opens the pores & helps the oils to absorb quickly & safely into the system. The 'aahhh' feeling hits you instantly as you get into a warm bath & both body & mind begin to unwind simultaneously.

Juniper, lavender & marjoram blend together beautifully & the three combined are an excellent choice for soothing tired joints & aching muscles.

Or try a blend of valarian, chamomile & rosemary to unwind with at the end of a long day & prepare for a restful nights sleep.

Choose & combine your oils to suit your mood or requirements for the day, making aromatic bathing a winter treat ritual that works for you.

Promoting sound sleep

Using essential oils to promote relaxation is an effective & entirely natural way of calming both body & mind. When used in a diffuser at bedtime, aromatic particles are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs through inhilation, imparting a physiological & psychological effect on the systems of the body simultaneously. Because of these factors, essential oils can really provide immeadiate results, which make them such useful aids for promoting a good nights rest.

Stress, anxiety & depression can all lead to longer periods of poor sleep & during these times it can be helpful to use natural aids to overcome sleepless nights. Our 'deep sleep' diffusion blend is an excellent aid to help combat insomnia, naturally aiding the body & mind to relax, without the use of artificial sedatives. Try one of our diffusion blend synergys, or combine your own choice of oils for the desired effect for both a natural & therapeutic room fragrance.

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As a follow up to my blog on Naturopathic Ways of dealing with epidemics from the perspective of ‘prevention’, here is some advice on the use of spices in the context of Tibetan Medicine. The Tibetan medical approach has a great deal in common with aromatherapy, in that it traditionally employs herbs, spices and aromatic oils mainly in the form of aromatic baths and massage oils, together with a specific form of massage called Kyu Nye, alongside personalised dietary advice.

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Botanical or vegetable oils are made up of dense liquid lipids or fats. Whereas essential oils are ‘volatile’ in nature, all vegetable oils are ‘fixed’: this means that if you spill a little sweet almond oil on your sleeve it will stain your garment, whereas an essential oil which is naturally volatile, will gradually evaporate leaving no mark! Both essential oils and vegetable oils repel water, which makes them very compatible with each other. That is why vegetable oils are commonly used as carriers for essential oils in products like facial serums, massage blends or body oils. Vegetable oils are therefore often called ‘carrier’ or ‘base’ oils in the context of aromatherapy, simply because they are used as the ideal medium for the application of essential oils to the skin.

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One of the ‘silver linings’ of the recent months of lockdown has been the fact that nature has had a chance to recover from some of the effects of human activity. Pollution levels in large European cities dropped to the lowest levels recorded for decades; in urban places, bird song could be heard above the usually constant hum of traffic and machinery; and many people began to re-discover the simple pleasures of walking in the countryside, their local woods or in a nearby park. A slower pace of life has also enabled many of us to find the time to plant seeds in our garden or window boxes and to re-connect with nature in all sorts of individual ways.Today, walking, hiking and gardening are the most popular forms of exercise in the UK and these, together with other outdoor activities, have all seen a boom in recent months.

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Quality control of essential oils is the single most
important issue for any reputable company
trading in aromatics.

- Julia Lawless

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