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Natural hand sanitiser recipe:

It is not often that we recommend mixing alcohol into natural remedies as it is drying to the skin, but it is necessary in this case.

You can make this hand sanitiser up in one of our 100ml blue glass bottles with an atomiser top - both available in our 'hands on' section of the website. This natural recipe will help kill bacteria & stop germs from spreading whilst on the move, but remember washing your hands with soap & water is always the best choice. This is intended for times inbetween hand washing whilst out & about:

- 80ml rubbing alcohol

- 20ml glycerin

- 5 drops each of white thyme, rosemay, tea tree & lavender oil

Fill your bottle first with the alcohol & glycerin, then add your drops of essential oil. Secure the lid, shake well before use & spray as needed.

Our top essential oils for staying healthy

Many essential oils actively support the immune system when used on a daily basis & provide a natural form of protection against infections. This is because they possess a wide range of powerful bactericidal & anticeptic properties, making them versatile tools at all times. As the old folk-lore saying goes, 'prevention is better than cure'.

Here's our top oils to help keep you healthy over this period. Use any in combination with each other in your diffuser, in home cleaning blends & when making up your own natural hand sanitiser spray:

tea tree, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon leaf, white thyme, balsam of peru, clove bud, ginger, orange, lemon, lemongrass, myrrh, sage, lemon myrtle & ravensara.

To learn about how effective essential oils can be against warding off unwanted airborne bacteria, read how the famous 'four thieves' blend came about when the black plague hit England in the 14th Century.


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One of the ‘silver linings’ of the recent months of lockdown has been the fact that nature has had a chance to recover from some of the effects of human activity. Pollution levels in large European cities dropped to the lowest levels recorded for decades; in urban places, bird song could be heard above the usually constant hum of traffic and machinery; and many people began to re-discover the simple pleasures of walking in the countryside, their local woods or in a nearby park. A slower pace of life has also enabled many of us to find the time to plant seeds in our garden or window boxes and to re-connect with nature in all sorts of individual ways.Today, walking, hiking and gardening are the most popular forms of exercise in the UK and these, together with other outdoor activities, have all seen a boom in recent months.

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Flower Waters also known as floral waters, are light, aromatic aqua-based fragrances which have been used since antiquity but are now enjoying a massive contemporary revival. Their sheer versatility makes them ideally suited to our modern urban lifestyle where each flower water has a range of specific properties and benefits: for example, a bottle of flower water makes the perfect travel companion since it can be used as a naturally revitalizing skin cleanser / toner, as a light perfume, or simply as a refreshingly cooling spritz for imparting instant moisture to the skin during a long journey.

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Aromatherapy has much to offer men as well as women. Many men are taking more care of their personal appearance these days and choosing natural products to enhance their health. There are many essential oils and carrier oils that offer health and wellbeing benefits for men of all ages. Applying natural oils, such as jojoba or grapeseed oil immediately after a warm shower (when they are absorbed readily) helps to ensure the body stays in optimal condition as this is a simple and effective way of making sure the skin remains moisturized. Specific aromatic massage oils which have been formulated with a therapeutic emphasis can also help deal with a range of common complaints, such as muscular strain and sports aches and pains. For example, our Aqua Oleum Body/ Massage Oil range which includes ‘Vitality’, a blend which supports and eases the muscles before and after vigorous activity is a favorite with men, as is our best selling ‘Aches & Pains’ blend.

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Quality control of essential oils is the single most
important issue for any reputable company
trading in aromatics.

- Julia Lawless

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