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Introduction to Aqua Oleum

Welcome to Aqua Oleum!

A company which you can trust to supply you with high quality
essential oils and aromatherapy products. With over fifty years of
specialised research, knowledge & experience behind it, this is what
makes it unique!

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A family business

With a heritage spanning over three generations, originally founded by Finnish biochemist Kerttu Ajanko, now owned by her daughter
Julia Lawless & grand-daughter, Natasha.

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Since 1982

It has built its market reputation based on outstanding product
expertise & high ethical standards together with a real commitment to
providing top quality oils at a fair price. All packagin is also eco-friendly.

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Julia Lawless

An internationally renowned expert & author on aromatherapy selects
all Aqua Oleum's essential oils. She also formulates the company's
range of aromatic products to ensure their premium quality is maintained.

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