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All about getting inspired and creative with aromas! We offer you everything you need to formulate your own personalised aromatic creations, whether you are a professional or just a beginner.

Formulating unique aromatic blends and perfumes is to enter the world of natural ‘alchemy’. Working with fragrant botanical oils also helps to enhance and refine our sense of smell and their study is extremely rewarding.

The power of scent can influence our behaviour, alter our brain wave patterns & influence our moods. Our sense of smell connects directly to the part of our brain which processes our emotions: scent can therefore help us to reconnect with our emotional interior and transform it with truly remarkable results!

  • Books:
    Julia Lawless is one of the most respected international authorities on aromatherapy who has published over 20 books. We supply signed copies of some of them, including her best-seller ‘The Encyclopedia Of Essential Oils’.
  • Bottles, Jars and Beakers:
    Coloured glass containers & utensils to make & store your own oils and potions, preserving the quality of the aromatic ingredients. Essential oil products should never be stored in a clear or plastic container.
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