Pure water is vital for the effective functioning of our body with approximately 70% of our body mass being made up of it! Water is essential in order for us to removes toxins and waste products from our organs and to deliver essential nutrients to all our cells. Since we lose water in large quantities every day, we all need to replace it continually. However, tap water can often contain heavy metals such as iron, copper, magnesium or zinc or other unwanted chemical additives so rather than drinking tap water, which can contain these unhealthy elements, it is better to invest in a water purifier.

Drinking water is also one of the easiest ways to lose weight! It's calorie-free, helps us to feel full, thus decreasing hunger pangs whilst simultaneously purifying and cleaning the entire body. Recent research even suggests that it actually helps our body burn more calories as well as increasing our metabolic rate. While there's no set amount to drink each day specific for weight loss, drinking two cups before each meal is generally recommended. However, drinking plenty of pure water is not only a key factor in promoting our overall health and in helping to lose weight, it is also essential for keeping our skin looking youthful.

Water is the means by which nutrients are carried to the tissues of our skin and in helping to keep these dermal layers moisturized thus maintaining their elasticity. But apart from keeping our skin hydrated and clean by washing, since the skin is our primary barrier against pathogens, it is also very important to apply water to our skin via creams and water-based lotions, as this will make a visible difference to it’s overall health. Water plumps up the skin from within, giving it a vital, healthy & glowing appearance, making it look less wrinkled and helping to delay the signs of ageing, as well as flushing out any impurities keeping the outer dermal layer free of spots.

Our skin is made up of three layers: the surface layer is called the epidermis, which acts as a primary barrier: the middle layer called the dermis, contains blood vessels, nerve endings, hair roots and sweat glands; while the deeper subcutaneous fat layer contains the larger blood vessels and nerves. The top layer of the skin or ‘epidermis’ also plays a key role in retaining moisture due to a unique mixture of amino acids and salts found in these cells. If we use strong soaps or detergents, however, these valuable components are washed out and the skin loses some of its ability to retain water. The middle and deeper cellular layers are more concerned with nourishing the skin and regulating moisture levels.

We tend to think of the summer as the time when our skin suffers from overheating, but in the winter we are often exposed to the drying effects of central heating. Keep your skin fresh and hydrated by ‘spritzing’ it frequently with your favourite floral water: for example neroli, lavender, rose, witch hazel, melissa or jasmine. We have 12 to chose from, all with different therapeutic properties to suit all skin types! This will help to keep your skin in optimum condition over the winter months!