My top ten essential oils to aid detoxing are lemon, grapefruit, juniper, rosemary, sweet fennel, tea tree, celery seed, carrot seed, geranium and peppermint. Here are some guidelines on how to use them, many of which are now available from Aqua Oleum as certified organics!

Lemon (organic) The juice and peel of lemon is very high in vitamins A, B and C. Fresh and cleansing, the essential oil has anti-toxic and diuretic properties. The juice can be used to dress salads or makes purifying drink sweetened with honey. Use the oil as a refreshing room fragrance or in low dilutions, in baths & massage oils. Lemon oil is phototoxic: avoid use on skin exposed to direct sunlight.

Grapefruit (organic) shares the nutritional qualities of other the citrus species, being high in vitamin C. It is fresh and cleansing so is very useful in the treatment of cellulitis and water retention. Simultaneously it also boosts the immune system. Fresh grapefruit is delicious eaten raw, while the extract of grapefruit seed is known to have very powerful antibiotic properties. Use the essential oil in baths, massage oils and for dry skin rubs.

Juniper (organic) needles & berries, are excellent for removing toxins, as they help expel the build-up of uric acid in the joints: traditionally employed in the treatment of gout, rheumatism and arthritis. Juniper oil is also useful in treating cellulitis. Use the oil for massage, in the bath, skin brushing and as a cleansing room fragrance. Avoid during pregnancy.

Rosemary (organic) has been used since antiquity for poor circulation, liver congestion, debility, muscular and rheumatic pain, dull skin and hair. It stimulates the whole system, supports weight loss and helps alleviate fluid retention. Rosemary is also an excellent tonic as it lifts the spirits and even aids memory! Use the oil in baths, massage & dry skin brushing. Avoid using rosemary oil if pregnant, epileptic or suffering from high blood pressure.

Sweet Fennel is of ancient medical repute: said to convey longevity and strength. It has traditionally been used to combat obesity because of its diuretic action and is excellent for treating cellulitis. Use the oil in baths, massage blends & dry skin brushing. Add the fresh leaves to salads or use them to make an excellent detoxifying tea. The seeds can also be used in cooking or simply chewed after a meal. Avoid if epileptic and during pregnancy.

Tea tree is well known for its powerful bactericidal, anti-viral and fungicidal properties. It has the ability to purify the body of a wide range of infections and is invaluable for skin care due to its cleaning and antiseptic properties. It is quite literally a mini home-aid kit in a bottle! Use the oil in vaporizers to purify the air, in cleansing baths or massage oils … it can also be used a disinfectant around the home.

Carrot Seed is highly nutritious, containing substantial amounts of Vitamins A, C, B1 and B2. The seeds are used in herbal medicine for kidney and digestive disorders while the oil is excellent for removing toxins, and is used in the treatment of arthritis, gout, oedema and rheumatism. The seeds can be used to make a tea. Use the oil in baths and for massage for its revitalizing and toning action.

Celery Seed is traditionally used in bladder and kidney complains. It is well known to increase the elimination of uric acid and is therefore invaluable in the treatment of gout, neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis. It is excellent at breaking down the accumulation of toxins in the blood and can have a regenerating effect on the liver. Eat celery raw in salads. It is also delicious steamed or braised. Use the oil in the bath and also for massage. Avoid during pregnancy.

Geranium (organic) oil possesses excellent anti-bactericidal properties which mades it valuable for keeping infections at bay. It is also a powerful diuretic, which means that it increases urination. Urination is one of the natural ways to remove toxins from the body, such as uric acid, bile salts, chemicals, heavy metals, pollutants, and even sugars. Use the oil in baths, massage oils and for dry skin brushing.

Peppermint (organic) is an invigorating oil which has a cooling and cleansing effect on the body: it can also be enjoyed as a refreshing herbal tea. Peppermint is sometimes believed to be the world’s oldest medicine, especially as a digestive remedy. Recent research has suggested that the scent of peppermint may be an aid in weight loss. This is due to peppermint's ability to directly affect the brain's satiety center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals. Use in baths, massage oils and for dry skin brushing.