Key points from my talk at the Natural & Organics Show, London given in April 2014

1. Aromatic oils are timeless items: they are simultaneously both very ancient & completely modern. They were amongst the first trade items of early civilizations because like the micro-chip, they are compact, versatile and light-weight! Since natural aromatics are easy to travel with and have a multitude of applications, it is just a matter of learning how to use them.

2. Using pure essential oils supports the natural environment, if they are correctly sourced. In these times of urban living they also connect us back directly to nature: so this is therapeutic in itself.

3. Many people are becoming increasing allergic to the synthetic fragrances with which we are surrounded. Natural fragrances are not just widely tolerated, they are therapeutic in their effect. That is not to say that some essential oils do not cause sensitization: always check with specific safety data before using a new oil.

4. Scent is the one of the pathways to our unconscious! It is beyond our rational control as it is processed by the limbic system, known as ‘our primitive brain’. In these rational times it is good to know we can’t control everything, such as which scent we like. Through our sense of smell we can learn to listen to our instincts more closely.

5. Aromatherapy is part of a larger holistic way of thinking about our health, our bodies and our life as a whole. This is a philosophy that is steadily gaining ground as we realize the inter-connectedness of everything. The value of positive thinking and preventative measures to enhance our well-being are a part of this. Using aromatic oils on a daily basis can enhance the ‘feel-good’ factor of our lives.

6. The value of natural remedies as a way of treating common complaints is also being re-evaluated to avoid the side effects of synthetic medications and to also prevent an immunity building up to their overuse. Essential oils are naturally resistant to this kind of problem due to their complex bio-chemical make-up.

7. Spas are in: oils are so easy & pleasurable to use! Hippocrates recommended a daily aromatic bath and massage as the way to live a long & healthy life. They also are rejuvenating and revitalizing... what better way to look after oneself!