It was a great experience to be part of the first Go Organic Festival to held in Battersea Park, London over the weekend of the 8-9th September. Everyone who had a stand at the Festival either supplied or produced 100% certified Organic products, with backing from the Soil Association and in support of Organic September. This created a unique feeling of collaboration amongst the stall holders present, since it was evident that everyone was committed to the same underlying ‘green’ principles of promoting optimum personal health whilst at the same time protecting our fragile planet. Indeed, the devastating effects of global warming due to the widespread global disregard for environmental concerns and sustainability are now very real issues which need to actively embraced by all businesses alike at this critical time.

At the Festival there were were ongoing talks and workshop on a whole range of different subjects such as the benefits of organic farming; cooking with fresh organic produce; green gardening advice; as well as the advantages of using organic health & skin care products including the importance of using recyclable packaging as well as eco-friendly ingredients. Of course there were plenty of organic beers and wines on offer too, as well as a lovely aromatic juniper gin, which was too delicious to resist come Saturday evening! Free organic tasting sessions were highly popular as you might expect with the many customers who visited the Show.

Our Aqua Oleum stand also attracted a good deal of attention at the Show … especially due to the fact that I offered a complimentary hand massage to passers by for a few hours in the early afternoon on both the Saturday and Sunday. Our stand looked (and smelt) really beautiful, framed by large swathes of fresh eucalyptus branches along with with a diffuser emitting the delightfully uplifting scents of organic rosemary and grapefruit essential oils ... and we soon found we had a queue of people constantly hovering around us. I think I massaged well over thirty people’s hands over the course of the two days which I thoroughly enjoyed! It was so interesting to meet and engage with all the women, men and children whose hands I massaged and experience the differences between them.

Our hands are one of the areas of our body with pressure points which connect with all the inner organs of our body, much like the soles of our feet and ears. It is possible to tell a deal about a person just by holding their hands ... if they are tense or relaxed and even something about their work and way of life. Some people had very rough palms while others were very smooth; some people found it difficult to let go while others were super flexible and relaxed ... a couple of young women whose hands I massaged both did weight lifting and this was evident in their hands as they had pronounced hard ridges across their palms.

I also signed books at the Show and we met an amazing cross section of people: Londoners, retail shop owners, families with children as well as tourists visiting the UK. It is always fascinating to talk with our customers, share experiences and receive feedback and suggestions. At Aqua Oleum we are are proud of our eco and environmental credentials and are keen to support the organic movement in whatever way we can, both now and in the future.