It was great to see so many familiar faces at the recent Natural and Organics Show again this year and be able to show off our newly extended range of flower waters, which were very well received! I was also delighted to be able introduce my new and beautifully designed edition of the ‘Complete Essential Oils Sourcebook’ on our stand and be able to sign your books personally.

This volume differs from my well-known ‘Encyclopedia of Essential Oils’ in that it focuses primarily on the types of conditions that can be treated at home using essential oils & clearly outlines the ways in which we can treat many common complaints using a range of natural methods.

Over these past twenty years, since the first edition of this book was published, the remarkable therapeutic potency of essential oils has been increasingly validated by scientific research and by clinical
tests, verifying their healing potential. This is especially true in the field of skin care, particularly in helping to combat ageing skin, as well as in the treatment of common infections and viruses. Chapters in the book include a whole section on ‘Skin & Beauty Care’ plus others, such as ‘Bones, Muscles & Joints’ and ‘The Nervous System’.

The reality of climate change, as well as the impact of environmental and ecological issues, has also taken on a greater sense of urgency over these past two decades, largely as a direct result of our consumer culture. The need to pay attention to the type of products we choose to buy, their method of production, and their overall impact on the world in which we live now needs to be of paramount concern to 
anyone who cares about future

Since essential oils are 100% naturally derived agents, functioning in a positive, holistic manner both within our own bodies and within our larger environment, their utilization represents an authentic route toward demonstrating a greater caring for our planet. This philosophy goes hand in hand with adopting a lifestyle that respects and works together with nature, and in doing
so, helps to preserve the beautiful globe on which we live. NOTE: Signed copies will be available from our website in the next few weeks.