We have recently increased our range of 100% natural, handmade flower waters due to popular demand. These light, aromatic aqua-based fragrances have been used since antiquity but are now enjoying a massive contemporary revival, especially during the summer months. Their sheer versatility makes them ideally suited to our modern urban lifestyle where we want our products to work as hard as we do! A bottle of flower water also makes the perfect travel companion to be used as a naturally revitalizing skin cleaner throughout the day, as a light perfume, or simply as a refreshingly cooling spritz for those long, hot summer days.

Our best-selling flower water is still the quintessentially, soothing rosewater which has been used for over 3,000 years for it's soft scent and multi-faceted skin care applications. However, many of our other flower waters have also found an individual following in recent years ... such as the rock band who always travels with a bottle of rosemary water on the van as it helps to keeps them alert after a hard night on the town!

All our flower waters contain the essence of the plant in a very pure & refined manner so they are safe even for young children. In addition, each flower water has a range of individual properties: for example, lavender water can aid sleeplessness sprayed onto the pillow or help sooth sunburn when applied to the skin; tea tree water makes the perfect all-round, home disinfectant spray ... also used for keeping yoga mats smelling fresh by certain devotees; neroli water helps soothe stress or anxiety when used as a light perfume or room spray; while the fresh-green fragrance of spearmint helps keep travel sickness at bay or can be used as an anti-perspirant spray.

My summer tip: try out a number of different flower waters according to your requirements to find out which fragrances you like the best. Then once you have discovered your preference, keep a bottle with you in your bag so it is always handy when you need it.