The changing seasons are something to be enjoyed and celebrated in the UK. Winter brings with it the promise of clear frosty nights and the festive cheer of Christmas with the pleasure of traditional warm spicy scents, such as cinnamon, ginger and clove mixed with aromas of pine needles and oranges. It is no wonder that we are drawn to the use of spices in the winter months – such as the allure of warm mulled wine and the use of plenty of rich spicy ingredients in our traditional Christmas pudding – since spices bring immediate warmth to our entire system! In therapeutic terms, these are also the best oils to keep chills away, create an uplifting sense of cheer, prevent the spread of germs and infections (such as from cold and flu) as well as help ease aches and pains brought on by cold and damp conditions.

Some of my favourite Christmas oils include: frankincense, which is soothing yet elevating - simply the most famous Christmas oil of all! Myrrh, a powerful anti-bactericidal oil with a warm, spicy aroma; cinnamon, a warming, reviving scent and a Christmas classic, perfect for creating a festive atmosphere; pine needle which is invigorating, antibacterial, antiseptic and expectorant, ideal for combatting winter coughs and colds; ginger, which is a personal favourite due to its lovely enduring spicy-warm character; clove - I love making up my own own clove-studded oranges! This is also something that is easy to do with children, who are naturally drawn to the sweetly refreshing and cosy-warm aromas of oranges and mandarins.

Our ‘Festive Joy’ synergy blend combines many of these ingredients in a rich, spicy-warm scent, which instantly creates a feeling of home comfort. This 100% natural room fragrance, which includes frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon & sweet orange together with cedarwood and cypress makes a lovely uplifting and elevating air-freshener. 
It won an Editor's Choice 
- Beauty Shortlist Award in 2017.

Our ‘Clear Head’ blend includes eucalyptus & ravensara as well as balsam of Peru, which has an underlying rich-warm spicy note, that facilitates breathing, soothes chesty coughs and acts as a purifying air-freshener to ward off infections and germs. 
(Also Editor's Choice 
in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017).

Our muscles tend to tense up in cold weather and some conditions (such as arthritis) can be further aggravated by damp. So treat yourself to a bespoke warming, spicy body oil which is easy to make at home. It also makes an ideal present for someone special – perfect applied after a warm bath or shower to prevent seasonal aches and pains, as well as after a brisk jog in the park or a dynamic gym or yoga session to keep the joints well oiled!

How to Make a Warming Winter Body Oil

You will need:

- 25ml Jojoba oil (or Light Coconut oil)

- 2 drops Black Pepper oil

- 3 drops Marjoram oil

- 3 drops Rosemary oil

- 4 drops Lavender oil

- 2 drops Ginger oil

- 1 drop Cardamom oil

Blend the oils together in a glass beaker or bowl and mix well. Decant the blend into a dark glass bottle and seal.

To use: gently massage the oil into sore muscles and joints or apply as a warming preventative remedy.

Tip: Warming the oil a little before application makes the blend even more effective and yummy! More starter formulas can be found in our new Blending Notebook!