Firstly I would like to say big thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the Natural and Organics Show in London. We had a fantastic response to our new look and our stand looked stunning with fresh herbs and aromatics interspersed with the products. My talk 'The Value of Aromatherapy Today' was well attended by a wide cross section of people including therapists, stockists and organic growers. Several individuals who were unable to attend the talk have requested that the transcript is posted on our website so I am planning to make this available next month.

The new extended and updated edition of my 'Encyclopedia of Essential Oils' was also launched at the show with a pre-release offer of a free signed edition by entering a competition with my publishers Harper Collins. Please contact us if you would like further details of this opportunity to enter as they have 100 free books to give away! The release date for the new edition is mid August and includes fifteen new essential oils which I think present particular interest and value for therapeutic use.

I also want to say thanks to those of you who have shown their support through email, twitter and Facebook and for those who have made suggestions for future blog subjects such as specific skin care recipes and formulation guidance. I will do what I can to fulfil these requests over the next few months. In May however, I will be in Colorado in the US for most of the month where the arid landscape is dominated by the Artimesia and Salvia species of aromatics and by the rugged pinions and junipers which manage to survive the extremes of climate on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Look out for my next blog for the wilderness experience and my notes on these important aromatic botanical species!