The summer holidays have almost arrived … a time when we can look forward to unwinding from the stresses of our everyday lives and relax in the company of family or friends. Natural oils are a fantastic & pleasurable way of caring for our skin when exposed to the sun, both as a light protection and for keeping our skin moisturized. In addition, most holidays often involve some form of travel, which can raise the chances of health issues. Many essential oils have therapeutic properties that can help relieve the symptoms of common travel problems such as nausea, insect bites, jetlag and sunburn … and because natural oils are so lightweight to carry around, they don’t take up much room in your suitcase either!

Here are my suggestions for the ideal summer travel kit, using a selection of essential oils, carrier oils and flower waters which are versatile, compact and super easy to use! NOTE: Always check the individual safety guidelines and methods of application displayed on each label before use.

Lavender oil: this is a must to take on holiday. I never travel anywhere without a bottle of lavender with me! A few drops of neat lavender can be used as a remedy for minor cuts & grazes, insect bites and for acute sunburn. The soothing scent aids sleep and helps reset the body clock after travelling across time zones.

Tea Tree oil: this amazing oil acts as a first aid kit in a bottle! Renowned as a powerful anti-infectious, anti-viral and fungicidal remedy, tea tree oil can deal with most common skin problems. It supports the immune systems overall if any common health issue occurs while on holiday, such as a tummy bug, when it can be applied as a massage oil to the abdomen.

Rosemary oil: the perfect ‘pick-me up’ to help recover from jetlag or after a late night out! Applied locally as a massage oil, it helps combat all kinds of aches and pains & when vaporized, is very effective in warding off unwanted air-borne infections.

Citronella Water: apply direct to exposed skin to keep mosquitos at bay - repeat every couple of hours. It can also be used as a natural uplifting, insecticidal & anti-infectious room spray, especially when travelling abroad.

Spearmint Water: with a more delicate scent than peppermint, spearmint makes the ideal travel companion to freshen up on the road (used as a light deodorant) & to help combat travel sickness and jetlag. It can also be used as an energizing & purifying air freshener.

Coconut oil: don’t go anywhere without coconut oil! This light & versatile oil is very easily absorbed, so leaves the skin non-greasy. Use it as a natural make-up remover, to moisturize and protect the skin from dehydration and as a massage oil base.