“Our skin absorbs over 70% of whatever we put on it during the day, such as make-up, so it is vital that at night we ensure our pores are allowed to breathe freely. Cleansing the face thoroughly in the evening before retiring is therefore a key factor in keeping our skin looking fresh, youthful and radiant. The night is also the ideal time for our skin to absorb the ‘good stuff’, especially over the Winter months, when we tend to spend more time wrapped up and the hours of darkness are longer.

This simple, quick and effective way to ‘love your skin’ only requires three basic steps:

1. Using about 1 tbsp of light coconut oil (or jojoba for dry/ mature skin) massage it into your face for about a minute, using gentle upward strokes.

2. Saturate a flannel or terrycloth under a hot tap, wring it out and then place the warm flannel on your face.

3. Leave the flannel on the skin for up to a minute then gently rub the oil off, until the skin no longer feels greasy.

Applying a steaming flannel to the face and gently exfoliating the skin not only helps to remove every last trace of make-up, but also removes any impurities or dead cells, leaving the surface dermal layers renewed. Always have a few flannels to hand in your bathroom, and pop each cloth in the washing machine immediately after use to ensure freshness.

Adding a botanical oil to this natural, nightly routine will not only help to nourish and moisturize the complexion but also help to keep it PH balanced. Surprisingly, this technique can also aid in eliminating skin problems such as acne, pimples or blackheads. This is because the hot steam opens the pores allowing the natural oils to ‘lift’ and remove the excess sebum and impurities.

This same routine also works perfectly in the shower, where the same method can be applied to the whole body, not just the face! For a whole body pamper, gently exfoliate the whole body with a bath mitt or flannel, then massage in a body oil such as Aqua Oleum’s ‘Purity’ for it’s anti-cellulite effects, ‘Oriental Spice’ as an exotic skin perfume, or ‘Vitality’ for boosting the metabolism. In this case, the steam and exfoliating rub will aid the absorption of the natural oil blend, whilst creating a silky smooth skin.