We have all become to used to living in a virtual reality these past months, so we are delighted to offer the opportunity to participate in our new practical & creative aromatherapy workshops, which will be held at Kindred House, by the sea in Margate with Abi Titterington-Lough. Abi has a wealth of practical experience working in the field of natural beauty and skin care, as well as aromatherapy and herbal lore. She has also been part of our team at Aqua Oleum for a number of years and has a real enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge.

Aromatherapy & the Home: Saturday 16th October from 10.30AM – 1.30PM

Learn all about how to use essential oils safely and effectively around the house in this practical session with Abi. Many essential oils are ideal for use in the home on a daily basis using a range of beneficial and pleasurable methods. Originally known as ‘household simples’, knowledge of using aromatics in this way is linked to a longstanding tradition of using botanical plants and herbs as part of everyday living. Using natural aromatics is also an easy and rewarding experience that provides a healthy, natural substitute for the many synthetic and chemical products with which we are surrounded. Synthetic fragrances can cause allergies, which are a common feature of our modern lifestyle where we are subjected to all kinds of artificial scents and perfumes on a daily basis, especially within household products

In this workshop, we will explore the numerous beneficial properties of essential oils and explore how they can be utilised and tailored to suit our individual needs and preferences, from creating mood-enhancing room fragrances, to DIY home cleaning products, aromatic bathing, to keeping bugs at bay! We will learn plenty of practical tips on how to make many daily activities more pleasurable with the use of natural aromatics. At the end of the session, we will also each make a restorative bath salt soak using top quality essential oils and natural ingredients to take home.

Bespoke Skincare: Face Oils & Facial Massage: Sunday, 17th October from 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Join Abi for this practical, immersive workshop where we will learn how to formulate our own therapeutic face oil, as well as learning a stress-relieving facial massage sequence that we can incorporate into our daily routine.

Discover what aromatherapy is, how it works and what it can do for our complexion. We will learn how to use essential oils safely on the skin, which ingredients are best suited to our skin type as well as our stress levels, and how to formulate our own 100% natural facial skincare kit.In this workshop we will also cover how to create gentle, effective face- masks using simple, natural and easy to source ingredients that you can most likely find in your kitchen cupboard!

The session will close with a relaxing step-by-step facial massage sequence that Abi will demonstrate and we can join in by using the bespoke facial oil that we have created for ourselves during the workshop. Individual skin consultations or aromatherapy facial treatments with Abi are also available upon request over the weekend. Please get in touch for more details via kindred-house.com.

NOTE: Booking & tickets to be purchased via kindred-house.com - Prices for each workshop include a copy of our own ‘Blending Notebook’, which contains plenty of information and recipe ideas. This unique Notebook also contains all the instructions to get started on making your own aromatic elixirs at home, as well of plenty of space to take notes of what you learn and do during the workshops. All of the ingredients, materials and equipment for both workshops will be supplied by Aqua Oleum; refreshments will be provided by Kindred House - plus accommodation if required.