Spring and the beginning of summer sees the onset of the hay fever season. Thousands of people are affected by this distressing condition which causes congestion, swelling and discomfort. The essential oils listed below can have beneficial effects for the treatment of hay fever. It also a matter of finding which oils suit you personally by trying out a few of the following.

Eucalyptus eases nasal and sinus congestion: a powerful anti-septic.

Fragonia oil is milder and more pleasant smelling that tea tree oil, but with similar therapeutic properties.

Peppermint help unblocks congestion.

Rosemary cleanses the lymphatic system, prevents infection & eases respiratory conditions.

‘Clear Head’ Aqua Oleum synergy-blend of oils is formulated specifically to ease congestion & aid breathing.

The most effective method of use for respiratory complaints is inhalation using an aromatic diffuser or vaporizer. Essential oils are absorbed rapidly via the tissues in the lungs with almost instantaneous effects.

Alternatively, especially if there is severe congestion, you can use the steam inhalation method: Place a few drops of any of the above oils in a bowl of boiling water and inhale. Lean over the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel to prevent the fumes escaping.

Prevention: Allergies are often aggravated by stress and nervous tension. The best oils to aid relaxation and as natural preventative measures to use prior to the onset of the hay fever season are the following:

Lavender is the most popular oil for relaxation. It relieves tension headaches, insomnia as well as nervous stress & anxiety.

Roman & German chamomile are both well known their anti-inflammatory effects & are especially indicated for allergies.

Ylang ylang is an exotic fragrance which is renowned for easing stress & nervous tension.

Sandalwood aids breathing & opens the chest.

‘Tranquility’ Aqua Oleum massage / body oil is a specifically formulated blend to promote relaxation.

Aromatherapy is ideally suited to promoting relaxation and easing stress. Warm baths, aromatic massage and the use of room vaporisers are all very effective ways of helping to create a more tranquil environment and overcoming periods of stress effecting both body and mind.