I am very pleased that Aqua Oleum’s ‘After Dark’ massage oil has just been recommended as one of The Independent’s top ten massage oils. ‘After Dark’ is based on jasmine which is known as ‘the queen of the night’, as its fragrance is stronger after dark. According to The Independent:

“The oil is said to have anti-depressant and euphoric properties. Aqua Oleum’s After Dark has a deep, sensual scent which is deliciously mysterious”...

Many people associate massage with visiting a spa or a professional aromatherapist. However, massage can equally well be enjoyed at home between family, friends or simply in the form of self-massage. ‘After Dark’ is ideal for enhancing a sensual massage experience between partners …but it could also be applied purely as an exquisitely scented, silky-smooth body oil to nourish the skin.

Aqua Oleum’s ‘Aches & Pains’ is also a very popular massage oil which can easily be applied at home to specific areas of tension or pain, such as the shoulders or joints, using self-massage techniques. Ideally, massage oils are best applied to a warm skin to encourage absorption, such as after a hot bath or shower … this tip also applies to ‘Vitality’, ‘Tranquilty’ & ‘Oriental Spice’.

‘Purity’ massage oil which is aimed at reducing cellulite and water retention is best applied to the skin using strong rhythmic strokes which encourage the break down of stubborn fatty tissue at the deeper dermal layers. Do not be afraid to use your intuition in deciding which type of massage strokes to use … some conditions clearly require a more vigorous approach while others ask for a gentle touch.

Facial massage, for example, should always be carried out using great sensitivity. Avoid dragging on the skin, especially around the eyes, and always direct the stokes upwards and outwards. Likewise, home massage for children and babies should always be done very gently using specifically chosen oils. I will be writing more about massage guidelines for babies and children in a later blog as well as how to make your own blends.