I am delighted to introduce our new Aqua Oleum website and our exciting range of aromatherapy products for Spring 2014. We hope you like our fresh, contemporary look! I have really enjoyed formulating our new collection of massage oils, which can be used either as sumptuous body oils or specifically for aromatherapy massage. ‘After Dark’ is an exquisite sensual fragranced oil based on sultry jasmine, known as ‘Queen of the Night’. Jasmine is traditionally grown in Indian palace courtyards since as dusk falls, the scent of the delicate white flowers grows stronger … it is also revered as the perfume of love! Combined with Mysore sandalwood in a classic combination, with hints of patchouli, ylang ylang and frankincense, this combination of exotic perfumes creates an unforgettable experience. Creating a ‘synergy’ of scents into a harmonious, unique aromatic blend is a rewarding experience, but one which requires some fundamental skills and guidelines. I will be writing more specifically about the art of blending in a later blog post.

My own passion is for nature and the aromatic plants themselves from which all our oils and absolutes are extracted. I am therefore keen to present the precise botanical sources from which our essential oils are extracted including their cultivation and herbal usage. I will be offering tips about the use of some of our most popular essential oils such as lavender and rosemary on a seasonal basis; I will also be exploring some of the more unusual aromatic oils in depth.

It is my belief that aromatherapy has a great deal to offer our present day western-style culture which is largely centered on city living … not least because it connects us back to the natural environment in a very direct way. Since our sense of smell is also connected intrinsically to our emotions and our moods, I think this aspect of aromatherapy has a great deal of potential that has yet to be fully realized. This is also a field of research that is attracting increased scientific attention at present as we understand how valuable a sense of well-being and a positive attitude plays in our overall health. I will be speaking specifically on ‘The Value of Aromatherapy Today’ at the Natural and Organics Show at Olympia, London, in April 2014.