Many essential oils are potent anti-aging & rejuvenating skin care agents because of their inherent properties. Each essential oil has a unique, sophisticated chemical make-up, which actively renews the skin by penetrating all the way down to the dermal layer where new cells are being generated. Unlike most chemical components, essential oil molecules are small enough to be absorbed through the surface dermal layers deep into the tissue. Recent scientific research has confirmed that the active constituents of essential oils are absorbed directly via the skin.

Essential oils are soluble in the natural lipids present in the skin, which makes them very compatible with its cellular structure. Massage & heat can also increase the absorption rate of essential oils to the deep dermal layers in a simple, pleasurable & non-invasive manner. One of the main advantages of using essential oils combined with natural vegetable oils as skin care agents is that they help retain moisture in the skin without clogging the pores, unlike mineral oil for example. Rosehip seed oil, borage oil, jojoba oil and the so-called ‘carrot oil’ – the latter being actually derived from an algae found in the Dead Sea – are all potent anti-oxidants with outstanding regenerative properties. These nourishing carrier oils can be applied neat to the skin in place of a night cream, or blended with a few drops of essential oil in a low dilution e.g. 3-4 drops of your chosen essential oil to 10ml carrier oil.

Rose is one of the most popular skin care agents of all time ... rosewater has been used in cosmetic preparations for thousands of years! It is very gentle on the skin with alongside excellent regenerative properties, particularly recommended for thread veins & dry skin. Neroli flower water is better suited to oily skin being revitalizing & regulating, whereas lavender water is ideal for skin damaged by the sun or for blemished complexions having natural healing qualities. These floral waters are a delight to use for daily toning, cleansing and refreshing the skin alongside their inherent anti-aging qualities.

Essential oils have always been known to have remarkable preservative qualities: the ancient Egyptians used both frankincense and myrrh in their famous cosmetic ‘unguents’. Frankincense is cytophylactic, which means it helps protect existing cells and encourage new cellular growth. It has been used to regenerate the skin since antiquity, as well as help heal scar tissue & reduce wrinkles. Myrrh is a lesser known oil for cosmetic purposes these days, but remarkable for its ability to regenerate skin tissue. It was one of the most valuable oils of the ancient world ... especially renowned for ‘drying and preservation’. In addition, all essential oils are derived from 100% natural botanical sources, so they are free from synthetic ingredients, which are largely responsible for the increase in allergies today.