Aqua Oleum supplies a very wide range of unique, hand-made floral waters, which are produced in our artisan laboratory in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. These light, aromatic aqua-based fragrances have been used since antiquity but are now enjoying a massive contemporary revival. Their sheer versatility makes them ideally suited to our modern urban lifestyle where we want our products to work as hard as we do! A bottle of flower water also makes the perfect travel companion to be used as a naturally revitalizing skin cleanser / toner, as a light perfume, or simply as a refreshingly cooling spritz for imparting instant moisture to the skin during long, hot summer days. All our aqua-sprays are suitable for the face and body, are 100% pure and natural as well as being entirely alcohol-free. Since each flower water has a range of specific properties and benefits, here is a quick guide on which flower water to use and when, as part of your daily routine.

Rose Water: This is still our best-selling flower water … a quintessentially feminine, soothing lotion, which has been used for over 3,000 years! Our rosewater has a multitude of skin care applications, being especially good for the care of mature-dry complexions. It also purifies the skin, tightens capillaries, reduces redness and closes the pores. Suitable for all skin types, it is best applied morning and night to cleanse and tone the skin. It’s soft, floral and comforting scent is also deeply relaxing and anti-depressant with a soothing effect on the mind, making it an ideal on-the-go ‘handbag’ companion to keep you composed at all times, especially during the summer months.

Lavender Water: An all time favourite, our lavender aqua-mist is our most popular bedtime aromatic remedy with a familiar, soothing floral fragrance. Lavender oil is proven to aid sleeplessness (it is employed in NHS wards today) and is effective simply sprayed onto the pillow before retiring to help ensure a good nights rest or to soothe anxiety or agitation … it also works for children! Suitable for all skin types, especially blemished or acne-prone skin types, it is best used as a gentle facial tonic / cleanser, as part of your daily skin routine. It can be used to clean minor cuts and grazes and to soothe insect bites or sunburnt skin due to its healing properties, making it an excellent travel companion!

Neroli Water: This is a personal favourite of mine … also with my daughter Tasha. Neroli or orange-blossom water has a delightful fresh-green, soft fragrance, which is both refreshing and uplifting. A rejuvenating and revitalising facial tonic, it especially suited to combination skin. It also helps ease depression and anxiety when used as a light perfume or room spray. Always keep a bottle of AO neroli water in your as this lovely perfumed spritz has a remarkable ability to reduce stress and calm anxiety whilst on the go!

Geranium Water: This lovely, fragrant flower water can be used to help rebalance our system in times of stress. Use it as a toner / cleanser in your daily skin routine, being especially ideal for combination skin, as well as for oily or blemished skin care. As a cooling spritz, it can also help soothe heat rash or menopausal flushes. Wear it as a natural perfume or use it as a light and fragrant air freshener in the summer, being an all time favourite with children. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of our geranium water in your carry-on when you travel abroad to keep you skin hydrated and to keep you feeling refreshed … as well as to help combat jet lag and keep travel sickness at bay.

Jasmine Water: Known is India as ‘the perfume of love’, this exquisite fragrant water has a sensual and exotic allure. This lovely floral scent is simultaneously revitalizing and energizing yet also calming and relaxing… ideal as a light perfume or fragrant air freshener. Studies suggest that it may even have a mild hypnotic or euphoric effect, making it valuable for anxiety, depression and stress related conditions. Jasmine water makes a safe and gentle facial toner / cleanser, particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skin care.

Spearmint Water: This herb has a long history for use to help relieve tension headaches and nausea as well as being good for fatigue, travel sickness and jet lag. It is also good applied as an light antiperspirant since menthol, the naturally occurring alcohol compound found in mint plants, causes a naturally cooling, deodorant effect on the skin. This makes our spearmint aqua-spritz your go-to natural travel companion, especially for tropical climates or hot weather trips closer to home. It can be used as a toner in your daily skin routine, being ideal for oily, blemished and acne-prone skin care.

Tea Tree Water: Our tea tree water has outstanding antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, making it a valuable addition to your first aid kit at home or abroad. This handy spray can be applied directly to soothe and clean insect bites, grazes, cuts and rashes including sunburn. In skin care, it is ideal for treating oily, blemished and acne-prone complexions, and can be applied directly. It also makes an excellent anti-septic room spray to help prevent the spread of viruses or airborne infections and can be employed as a natural household disinfectant … plus it makes the perfect antiviral yoga mat spray!

Melissa Water: Traditionally known as the ‘elixir of life’, melissa or lemon balm is renowned for its ability of help alleviate anxiety, depression, nervous tension, grief, heart ache and all types of stress-related complaints. Simply inhaling this lemony-sweet, uplifting floral water helps to promote an overall feeling of calm and equilibrium, making it the perfect light perfume or room fragrance. Remember to carry it with you whenever you feel you need a ‘lift’ as it provides an excellent way to freshen up naturally in dry conditions, hot weather & centrally heated rooms. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive & eczema-prone skin care as part of your daily skin care routine.

Rosemary Water: This reviving flower water with a fresh-herbaceous fragrance makes the best all-round, uplifting morning ‘pick-me-up’ spray for face and body. As a gently stimulating facial tonic, rosemary water can be used as an effective part of your daily skin routine…. ideal for normal to oily skin care. It can also help to reduce dark circles or puffiness beneath the eyes plus it increases blood flow to the skin. Spray directly onto damp hair as an excellent hair conditioner to encourage growth and impart shine. Tip: Keep a bottle in the fridge over night for an especially invigorating and cooling hangover cure spritz!

Citronella Water: This delightfully fresh, aqua-spray with an uplifting, lemony fragrance is suitable for use on the face and body. A safe and gentle bactericidal skin disinfectant, it makes the perfect toner / cleanser, especially for blemished or infected skin conditions. As a room freshener it is reviving, stimulating as well as purifying making it suitable for use in the home or office ... it also helps focus the mind. As an effective and proven natural mosquito repellent and protection, it can either be applied to the skin directly or used as a fragrant insect-repellent room spray. Tip: Re-apply to exposed skin every few hours to provide protection from mosquitos.

Witchhazel Water: A clear, colourless pure distillate with a fresh herbal-green fragrance, prepared from recently cut and partially dried twigs of Hammamelis Virginiana containing natural oils and 14% pure ethyl alcohol. This light aqua- spray makes the perfect skin toner, which especially beneficial for oily and blemished skin conditions. Naturally healing and bactericidal with outstanding astringent properties, it helps cleanse the skin of spots, blackheads and pimples whilst closing the pores. Popular as a yoga-mat disinfectant spray in wellness studios, this flower water can also be used as the base for your own bactericidal spray – see my Yoga and Aromatherapy Blog. Note: Avoid contact with eyes