Essential oils are effective natural preventives against many common complaints that are especially prevalent over the winter months, such as coughs, colds and flu.

"… natural aromatics have held a traditional place in the preventive medicinal practices of many cultures, both ancient and modern. It is certainly true that people who are exposed to the beneficial effects of essential oils on a daily basis tend to have a greater resistance to disease in general.” (from my 'The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy')

Many essential oils actively support the immune system when used on a daily basis and provide a natural form of protection against infections, beside their remedial usage… as the old folk saying says: “prevention is better than cure!” This is because they possess a wide range of powerful bactericidal and antiseptic properties… a well-known fact in earlier times, as exemplified by the story of the ‘Four Thieves’:

“When the Black Plague hit England in the 14th Century, no-one knew how to protect themselves from this deadly new disease. Taking advantage of this horrific epidemic for their own benefit, a group of spice merchants who were well versed in the use of natural aromatics, gained a reputation in London as fearless corpse robbers! When the King heard about the thieves he wanted to know how they were able to survive the plague and even touch the dead bodies without becoming infected themselves. Four of the thieves were caught & questioned. The King gave them a choice of sharing their secret formula or being executed … they chose to share their secret! “

Their recipe consisted of a combination of cinnamon, cloves, camphor, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon. All these essential oils were subsequently tested at Weber State University (Utah) in 1997 and found to have 99.96 % effectiveness against airborne bacteria! These aromatics are still amongst the most effective preventative oils for protecting against airborne infections such as colds or flu, although today I would also add tea tree and fragonia essential oils to the list!

Rosemary, for example, is an excellent all-round winter wellness remedy in itself. According to the specific benefit required, it can be used either in baths, massage oils, as a flower water or utilized in room vaporizers:

To prevent airborne infections, such as colds or flu; To improve the circulation & soothe the joints; To aid concentration and as a mental stimulant; To ease chesty coughs, congestion and bronchitis; To ease muscular aches and pains

My other recommended choice of the best oil to use at home for promoting winter wellness is my ‘Clear Head’ synergy-blend, which I formulated especially with this in mind. Powerful, versatile yet pleasantly scented, it stimulates the immune system, circulation and respiratory system, and helps protect against the flu, colds, coughs, bronchitis, sore throats, croup and can even stop snoring according to one satisfied customer from Bristol, who recently reported:

“It truly works wonders and exceeds expectations. I had a bug for a week and needed it … I shall give it to everyone for Christmas!”