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Methods for Home Use

Essential oils can be enjoyed at home using a variety of different methods. They are convenient and easy to use, make ideal travel companions as they are light and compact, plus they also make a valuable addition to a first-aid kit. Turn your bedroom into a fragrant sanctuary and your bathroom into a relaxing aroma spa! Here are a few suggested guidelines:

Enjoy a fragrant bath.
Simply add 5-10 drops of essential oil or a synergy-blend to the water when the bath is full. Beware of those oils that may irritate sensitive skin, and do not use more than 5 drops for children under 12. In this case, it is best to dissolve the oils in a little milk before adding to the bath water. Always check the specific safety data before using any essential oil.

Making a Massage oil or Skin Care oil is easy.
Just blend 5-6 drops of essential oil with one dessert spoon (approx. 10ml) of a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil. A little wheat-germ oil added to the mixture will help to preserve larger amounts for keeping. Other carrier oils such as avocado, calendula, evening primrose, jojoba or grapeseed may also be used to treat specific skin types. Massage can be applied to the whole body, or to specific parts, e.g. the shoulders for muscular tension or the stomach for indigestion. We also supply as selection of ready-made massage and body oils for your convenience: see Face & Body.

Vaporized oils for a healthy environment!
There are many reasons for vaporizing essential oils or specific synergy-blends in the home. They can be used to dispel unwanted smells, to repel insects, to create a particular atmosphere or for therapeutic purposes. The easiest method is to use an oil vaporizer or diffuser & there are now many different types available: see our Well-Being section. Put a few drops in the vaporizer or diffuser and place well out of reach of children or pets. Steam inhalations, by putting a few drops in a bowl of hot water and inhaling the aromatic vapours, can also be used especially for the treatment of infectious or respiratory conditions. Essential oils & synergy-blends can also be used to scent potpourri, linen and clothes or a few drops can be put on a hankie or on the pillow at night to help induce sleep. Our floral aqua-sprays can also be used as room fresheners and light body perfumes.

Neat Application for Perfumes & First-Aid
In general, essential oils should not be applied direct to the skin ... however there are exceptions to the rule! A very few essential oils, like lavender, can be applied neat for the first-aid treatment of insect bites, burns, cuts etc. Many essential oils such as ylang ylang, jasmine, neroli and rose make ideal perfumes - dab a few drops directly on the wrist as ‘pulse-point’ perfumes or using our special 5% dilutions. Avoid those oils which may cause irritation, and always do a patch test first, i.e. put a drop of oil on the back of the hand and leave for fifteen minutes to check if there is an adverse reaction - if skin irritation does occur bathe with cold water immediately.