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Effects & Properties

In the past, all perfumes, toiletries and soaps were made using essential oils. Aromatic plants also formed the basis for the majority of traditional medicines in cultures all over the world, Today, natural oils have largely been replaced by chemicals and synthetic compounds for commercial purposes in medicines, perfumes and cosmetics. The popularity of aromatherapy, and the employment of essential oils for personal and home use, reflects our growing need to ‘return to nature’.

In Aromatherapy, essential oils are used both for their scent and for their healing properties. Since the oils are absorbed readily through the skin and into the bloodstream, the use of massage is an important aspect of the treatment. This is beneficial for a wide range of physical conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, skin disorders or muscular pain. A combination of oils can be more potent therapeutically than the use of individual oils if they are blended skillfully to make a ‘synergy’ - another words, the resulting blend is more effective than the sum of it’s individual parts. In this case, the chemical constituents of the different oils combine in a harmonious way to make a new and more effective remedy. The volatile nature of each essential oil also plays a vital role in its overall healing quality, because it acts upon the individual in a physiological manner, with a very rapid effect. This is because when we breathe in the aroma, the molecules of the essential oil are quickly absorbed into our bloodstream via the delicate tissues that line our lungs.

Nowadays our sense of smell is often undervalued or unappreciated ... but this does not mean that it has no effect. The use of fragrance has been found to have particular value in the treatment of emotional or nervous disorders, especially when combined with massage. Our sense of smell is intimately connected with mood and memory, and modern research has shown that the scent of certain essential oils can help combat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression and mental fatigue which are so often the result of today’s stressful lifestyle. Essential oils are therefore effective for both physical and emotional complaints … the two being intimately connected.